Monday, June 10, 2013

I watched the Microsoft event today at E3 2013 and I was actually very happy with what I saw.  They promised games and we got games.

I find it interesting that people complained about the $499.00 USD price tag.  Lets put this into perspective:  a 16GB iPad is $499.00.  Personally, an Xbox One is a much better value at that price.

Another major complaint is the DRM.  I guess I have been playing PC games for so long that this is not a deal breaker for me.  If the game has to be installed onto a hard disk then you almost have to have some sort of DRM or people would buy the game, return it and still have the game to play. Speaking of having to install the game, I actually like the idea that the game is going to be installed on the disk instead of read from a blu-ray.  A disk is going to be able to present much more iops (I/Os per second) then a blu-ray so load times and level transitions are going to be much quicker on the Xbox One than on the PS4,which is going to read from the blu-ray (granted the initial load is going to suck on the Xbox One but I guess I will have to deal with that).

The one thing that bothers me about the DRM is the current aspect of no renting.  Microsoft has already stated that they are working with publishers to get this changed so we will see how that goes.

Now about some of the games that were shown at the Microsoft event:

Metal Gear - Open world.  Finally a Metal Gear I might actually like.  The older ones always felt too scripted.

Forza 5 - Driveatars.  If you don't know what these are look it up.  If it works like they described it, it will be an amazing feature.  Not to mention, the game was beautiful.

Halo - 'nuff said.

Titanfall - Yes, it is going to come out for PC but it won't be on the PS4.  The game also looks incredible.

Ryse - There were a lot of complaints on IGN that Ryse was too button mashing and that Gods of War was better. Personally, they looked like they both played the same except the textures and graphics were much better on Ryse (to be expected).  However, the sequence they showed looked like D-Day set in Roman times and looked incredible.

I loved Insomniac's new game, Sunset Overdrive, it looks plain fun.  In the interview that IGN had with one of the execs at Insomniac he stated that one reason they wanted to develop this game for the Xbox One was the cloud.  Personally, that feature of the Xbox One sounds awesome.  Now, another thing I thought was funny was that Microsoft had Insomniac showing an exclusive game for the Xbox One.  Insomniac is usually known for their Playstation games (Insomniac is an independent developer though).  At the same time they started the event with the video of Metal Gear..also known for being a Playstation game.  I guess both of these are to offset Destiny being shown at the PS4 event.

Enough babbling for now, later.

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