Friday, July 5, 2013

The Console "War"

So I am sitting here playing WoW, and was just thinking about all of the "information" that has been presented by all of the very opinionated people that inhabits the internets.  I find it funny that so many people think there is a console war going on right now.  In my opinion, it is a little early for that (not to mention way too early to declare a winner).

I personally have pre-ordered an Xbox One.  Holy carp!?!  Why not a PS4?!?  Well, my decision was based on innovation.  Yes, the PS4 has marginally better hardware.  I say marginally because we don't know how Microsoft is going to utilize their eSRAM, so until we get to play with the consoles we won't know.  Now, back to innovation.  The Xbox One just seems like Microsoft was trying to push the genre of gaming forward.  They were willing to take risks.  I really think Azure is a pretty cool technology (I work with virtual servers and SAN storage, so yes, I like the cloud).  Kinect 2 sounds amazing.  The first was is okay, just a little glitchy.  I even liked the idea of DRM.  I guess because I play a lot of PC games I am used to it.  I could sell my games (I am a customer of Gamestop and proud of it :P).  I don't loan games and neither does my son (never a borrower or a lender be).  The fact that we would have been able to access our library from anywhere was awesome.  Alas, Microsoft did have to remove the DRM because of all the negative press.  They didn't communicate the feature very well and just kind of put it out there.  That, in my opinion, should have had someone moved from their Xbox One PR position.

 Why don't I think the PS4 is very innovative?  Well, I'll tell you.  The PS4 didn't seem like it had any "next gen"ness to it.  It seemed like Sony wanted to play it safe and not push any boundaries.  The way I have explained my thoughts to other people is that the PS4 is akin to someone replacing the video card in a PC rather than getting a whole new gaming rig with all of the bells and whistles along with the newest OS.  Another reason I am pushing off getting the PS4...I HATE their controllers.  NOTE:  I said pushing off, because I will be picking one up as well.  I have read that the new Dualshock feels much better but Microsoft's controller is going to be hard to beat.

Both systems have a lot of promise.  The exclusives for both are really amazing looking and this next generation of game systems looks like it is going to provide a lot of fun.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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