Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things that make a troll go hmmm.....

I have been playing Rift lately and have really been enjoying it.  Every once in a while I get an itch to troll the "Level 1-29" chat.  Yes, I will start crap just to start it.  However, last night actually floored me.

First, a bit of information about me (other than I like games and have ADHD).  I consider myself a constitutionalist.  For most progressives, that means I am conservative.  However, I don't like what a lot of conservatives believe in (such as making gay marriage illegal, banning smoking in private establishments, etc).    I believe the country should be governed the way the founding fathers meant for it to be governed:  small federal government and most control at the state level.  This also means that I cannot stand Obama.  He is probably the most anti-constitutional president we have ever had.

Now that I am done giving background this is what happened.  Someone was talking about how great Obama was and then started looking for a spanish speaking guild.  I, being the smartass that I can be, said "Just remember to vote for Obama or you will get deported".  If you have been monitoring the news lately, you will know what I am talking about.  Anywho, a person in chat said something along the lines of "Just because you can say stuff doesn't mean you should".  Someone else then responded with "Free Speech, we can say what we want".  The response to that from Mr. "Just because You can" was:  "The Constitution is only there for people that do something wrong to hide behind".  WHAT?!?!!!

I didn't know how to respond to that.  I don't think many people did.  How does someone even come by that belief?  I know Obama has been quoted as saying that the U.S. Constitution is one of negatives (i.e. it doesn't list out what the government can do, just what it can't).  It is there to protect our rights (which Obama thinks is a negative).  It doesn't matter if you believe someone says something wrong and shouldn't have said it.  The wonderful thing about our constitution is YOU CAN SAY IT.  Why would someone want to take that away?

Well, enough ranting.  Time to spend some time with my son and then maybe get some game time in later.

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