Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Since the massive disappointment that is Lollipop Chainsaw I decided to charge up my Xbox 360 controller and dig out my copy of Battlefield 3 (henceforth referenced as BF3).  This has led to a conundrum for me.  I have really enjoyed my time playing BF3 but I have also enjoyed playing Rift again.  When I get time to game I really wish I could split myself in two and play both.  Since I haven't been able to figure out a way to non-fatally do that, I often waste time debating which I am going to play.

Now, that doesn't sound to difficult but somehow during that debate I have an "ooh shiny" moment and go off on a tangent.  Once said tangent has gone on to completion, I log into Rift and select my character (I play on Wolfsbane if anyone cares..Guardian) and then decide to log off and go play BF3 until my 360 decides to lock up in the middle of a game.

Since both offer different types of gameplay, you would think it would be easy to decide..at least for most people.  For me, I am addicted to leveling which both games offer.  I think "Hey, I could level my classes in BF3" then I go into "I really need to level my character in Rift".

Speaking of BF3, the Close Quarters maps are actually pretty good.  They offer plenty of run and gun areas with a good mixture of little areas where someone that likes to snipe can hole away and snipe 'til their heart's content.

Ohh Shiny Moment:  I am glad I have a Tide stain stick...my shirt decided it wanted to share my lunch with me

If I had beta access into GW2 I would probably be content with that for the moment but for now I will have to fight the good fight and figure out what I am going to play each night (I know, very important life altering decisions there).  Another thing that I am waiting for that will probably help in the decision is 1.9 in Rift.  That patch seems to have some interesting changes.

Until next time

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