Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to my world

First things first, I am going to give a little background information about me.  I have been gaming since Pong was first released.  Yes, that means that I am an "old" dude.  I am married and have an 11-year old son/gamer/soccer player.  I have played 100's of games over the years and have owned every major system released since the Atari 2600 (and some not so major systems).

The one thing that really drives how I play and what I play is the fact that I have ADHD.  I have had it all of my life (not really diagnosed until a few years ago) and have just learned to deal with it (for the most part, my wife would probably disagree with me on that one :)  ).

Currently I am playing Rift, BF3, Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon 2, MW3, and Fifa 12 (plus other games on my iPad).  Games that I play have to have things happening at almost all times or I move on to something "shinier".  For example, I tried out Skyrim but all of the endless meandering throughout the huge (and admittedly amazing world) I got bored to the point that I couldn't play it anymore.  At the same point, the meandering in MMOs doesn't really bother me as much.  I guess that is because even though I may be wandering around there is usually something to read/debate/troll in chat.

Note: For anyone that may be reading this that doesn't know what an MMO is, it is a massively multiplayer Online game.  Games that fit this bill are games like World of Warcraft, Rift, Star Wars the Old Republic, Tera, Everquest 2 and on and on and on.

To finish this up, I am going to talk about the latest game that I played: Lollipop Chainsaw.  I was actually looking forward to this game.  It looked fun and like it was put together pretty good.  First, I can tell you I didn't play it very long, just 30 minutes.  That should give you a hint as to what I thought about it.  Second, in my opinion $60 for this game is WAY too much.

Why you may ask?  Well, first there is the fighting a la button mashing.  They seem to have went for a Batman: Arkham * type of fighting where you want to chain attacks together.  They failed.  Unlike Batman, the moves did not seem very fluid when chained together, there was almost a millisecond pause between each move.  Second, the game just annoyed me.  I couldn't put my finger on it.  It could have been every time you try and move the camera down a little the main character says something about trying to look up her skirt.  It could also have been the fact that they were going for a "Buffy the Zombie Slayer" feel and made more of a "Air Headed Bimbo with a chainsaw Zombie Slayer".  There just was no "life" to the game.  The Zombies, the story, every thing about the game seemed forced.  For a game that was released this late in the X360 and PS3's life the graphics were also pretty crappy.

Now for what I liked:  There was a bunch of shinies in the game and rainbows :P  Alas, not much more than that impressed me.

Until next time.

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